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Shopping Dates

Some of our great finds can now be purchased at auction on EBAY. Check back frequently, we have new items often.

PERSONAL CHECK: Start a running tab receipt that you take from room to room. Have your check approved (with valid identification) for the total amount in the first-floor office. Then return to the room where you spent the most, pay for your purchases there, and receive change, if necessary, to pay for any purchases made in other rooms.

We do not charge sales tax. However, in accordance with the laws of the Sate of Illinois, the Shop pays sales tax on all merchandise sold.

Please examine merchandise carefully.
All items are sold as is and all sales are final. No returns, refunds or exchanges.
Each room has its own sales staff to assist you with your purchases. You now have several options for payment:

CASH: Simply pay for your selections in each room. Small bills are preferred.

CREDIT CARD: MasterCard and Visa. Receive a charge receipt from each room where you make a purchase. When you've finished all of your shopping, pay the total amount with your card at the front desk and then show your paid receipt in each room to pick up your items.

**NOTE: We take CASH ONLY 15 minutes prior to closing.

the economy shop   
103 S. Grove, Oak Park IL
telephone -708-383-2449

2014 Shopping Dates

Thu Apr 17  9-3pm

Thu May 1  9- 3pm

Sat May 10   9-3pm

Sat May 17   9-3pm

Spring Evening Sale
Thu May 22  3pm - 7pm

Thu Jun 5  9- 3pm

Sat June 14   9-3pm



Thu Sept 4     9-3pm
Sat Sept 13    9-3pm
Sat Sept 20      9-3pm

Thu Oct 2      9-3pm
Sat Oct 11      9-3pm
Sat Oct 18     9-3pm

Fall Evening Sale
Thu October 23    3-7pm